What is the use of Artillery in League of Empires

Artillery are weapons which players will be able to deploy on battlefields to increase chances of winning and earning higher rewards. There are 10 different types of artilleries each with their own specific purpose and function.

a. Catapult:

Catapult is used for throwing big stones at long distances.

b. Fireball catapult: Requiring research of Siege craft from the Market, it is the upgrade of the Catapult specifications, with twice the amount of hit points and larger Area of Effect damage. This makes Fire Catapults a popular unit for bombarding enemy troops and enemy buildings. It is also the only land unit that can knock down heavily armoured enemies with its attack damage. It is generally used for throwing huge fireballs at long distances.

c. Ballista:

It is mainly used for throwing a big arrow along with multiple small arrows at long distances. It also serves as anti-arrow system of opponent’s army as it destroys incoming arrows before they reach the army units. Also effective against catapult stones.

d. 3-cupped catapult: For throwing multiple stones at enemy units to do more damage.

e. 3-cupped fireball catapult: For throwing multiple fireballs at a time at distances to do more damage.

f. Scorpion: For slowing down the advancement of the opponent’s army.

g. Flame thrower:

It is used to spit flames of fire which can do damage to all kinds of troops regardless of their armor.

h. 3-Arrows ballista: Can destroy oncoming arrows at a bigger scale and also effective against opponent’s ballista. Also, does 3x damage when used for attack.

i. Shrapnel Catapult: Is comprised of piercing arrows which can pierce the enemies on the battlefield. Very useful when the enemies are heavily armoured.

j. Destroyer Tower:

Is comprised of 3 different types of artilleries. A flamethrower, a scorpion, and a fireball catapult. It has a mix of defense and attack. Especially useful to protect the most precious and vital units.

Artilleries are NFTs and players will be able to buy them in the Primary marketplace when it is launched. Apart from buying at the primary market place, players will also be able to mint them in their gameplay. To mint artilleries, Artillery Factories are needed.
These factories are used to mint artilleries such as ballista, catapult etc. Players will be able to use these minted NFTs in gameplay or sell on the marketplace. There are 3 types of Artillery factories in League of Empires. The difference between them is what kinds of artilleries they can mint, how much time they need to mint and how many resources are needed by each factory to mint these artilleries. $LOE token will be needed to mint NFTs.

Players can speed up the minting processes by spending in game Diamonds (not a crypto currency).

Players can also build artillery factories if they are at certain levels and have certain number & types of resources. By having the function of minting NFTs, players can be able to maintain the supply and demand of the NFTs. We have carefully designed the game mechanics, gameplay and game economy ensuring that there is a stable supply of the NFTs to maintain their value. This system is in place to avoid the inflation. Players will really need to work hard to mint artilleries.

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