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4 min readApr 17, 2022

The game will feature two types of lands, Type A (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3), which is an NFT asset, where players will build their base, towns and training grounds, and Type B, which is generated in the game and can be captured by other players through battle. If a player captures ten Type B lands, the 11th one will automatically become a Type A NFT asset, which they’ll be able to utilize in the game or sell on the marketplace.

Landowners who don’t have the available time to play the game will be able to rent out their land to other players who may not have the means to purchase land themselves, giving owners the ability to earn passive income from their assets.

Gamers will be able to construct and upgrade various buildings on their land, to aid their gameplay strategies and build their empire. Buildings or structures include Army Camps to house troops, Barracks for training troops, and Garrison to protect the kingdom from attacks. In the Alliance Camp, players will be able to request reinforcement troops from other alliance members. The Armory will be used to level up troops, while the Medic Center will be used to heal troops. Players will be able to set up Farms and Gold Mines, to produce vital resources required to upgrade their army and build up their kingdom, along with storage facilities (Gold Vault and Food Reserve) to house and protect a portion of these resources from attacks by other players.

The Town Center is the most important building in the empire and will function to unlock upgrades and new building types.

The Type B lands also can produce and generate resources for players such as food, wood, metal, gold and VP. However, the resources on the Type B Lands diminish over time and do not produce resource forever. This entices players to occupy for Type B lands to maintain the needs of their empire. And if a Type B land gets depleted of resources, it vanishes from players inventory. Players can prevent the Type B lands’ resources from getting depleted by deploying labor on these lands who can keep gathering resources and prevent the resources from going down.

Land is the most valuable asset in the game. Players will be able to raise Shields over their lands to protect them from raids and attacks. Raided or looted lands will automatically have a shield raised over them for a set amount of time.

Shields provide an impenetrable barrier to protect your cities and buildings against enemy attacks. They can be applied at any point to any lands that are under your control, and are also triggered on a land after it has been raided. Shields can last up to 24 hours depending on whether you have bought a shield or even a few days, if you are upgrading a high-level land — before they deactivate. Shields protect the land they are covering from being looted or captured. However, if you launch an attack while your lands are shielded, all your shields will be broken, and you’ll immediately become vulnerable to attack.

If a land has been looted by another player, a shield will automatically raise over the looted land for one hour. A shield does not raise after a single attack — you can be attacked multiple times, and then a shield will raise.

· A captured Land will be shielded for 4 hours.
· A raided Town Center gets shielded for 12 hours.
· A raided Land gets a shield for 1 hour.
· If the defender is attacked 8 times in 2 hours, then all Lands will be shielded for 6 hours.

Type A Lands are NFTs which can be sold or given on rent to other players for passive income. Players will have the option of renting their lands if they have an excess of Type A lands or are just not in the mood of playing the game. This way, the investment can still generate passive income and players who cannot afford to buy lands will still be able to play the game by renting the land. Land can be given on rent for 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month and 3 months at a time.

To incentivize the rental of lands, when the land owner gives the land on rent and the tenant uses it in their gameplay, the land also gets upgraded depending on the gameplay of the player who rented the land. Thus, when the land is returned to the land owner, it may be possible that the land came back with an upgrade! Thus increasing its value and the land owner can charge a higher rent for next rental.

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