League of Empires: Graphics & Gameplay That Will Set a New Bar for P2E Games

League of Empires
4 min readApr 17, 2022


In the past decade, games have moved far ahead in terms of graphics interactivity as well as business models which videogames are based upon. However, compared to the traditional gaming market, P2E games still seem to be in their infancy stage with new games flooding the market everyday. Most of these games are with simple game mechanics and graphics. Which we believe no one would play had there not been a P2E element in them.

Regardless, the introduction of blockchain P2E infrastructure for games has revolutionized the gaming industry and is rapidly becoming the future of gaming. Realizing this potential, we are bringing our experience and passion for gaming to build a blockchain game that will set new standards for how a P2E game should feel like.

League of Empires is an exciting massive multiplayer, real-time strategy war game where players will be able to build, train armies, strategize and conquer lands. The first true MMORTS game built on blockchain, League of Empires will offer immersive, 3D gameplay, ownership of in-game assets and opportunities for players to earn through their gameplay. The game focuses on an exciting real-time gaming experience, where earning rewards is a by-product of fun, engaging gameplay.

Players will have a full control over their politics, diplomacy, empire formation and customization, troops building and war strategies. Players will also be able to form alliances with players from different parts of the globe, participate in tournaments, and play in Leagues. The game also includes 5 types of NFTs.
a. Land, b. Artilleries, c. War academies, d. Artillery
factories, e. Leagues.
Along with earning by achieving certain milestones in the game, players will also be able to earn by minting new NFTs which they can either use in their gameplay or sell on the marketplace for other players to use.

The game focuses on skillful thinking to overcome logistical and tactical challenges, immersive environments, dynamic content, real time control, empire building and replay value.

We’ve worked hard to make the game as engaging as possible for player retention. Here are some key factors that we kept in mind while designing this strategy game:

Deep but simple game mechanics: The simpler the rules of the game, the better it is for playability. The game is designed in a way that players can learn the system fast and then experiment with choices.

Introduction of variety: The game provides a broad range of scenarios for players to apply their knowledge. This introduces an element of novelty to keep players invested in the game. Variety is introduced through types of scenarios, types of units, rewards, levels, challenges, quests, world map, land tiers, resources, buildings, and warfare.

Avoiding too much information: While strategy games are designed to stimulate thinking, overwhelming players with information can make the game too complex and less interesting to play. This is why, League of Empires does not offer players with an unlimited number of choices, which helps players understand distinct consequences of the available options to keep the gameplay engaging.

Key Highlights:

Console quality graphics: The game features rich 3D graphics Real-time battle control All commands under players direct control.
Nonstop events & campaigns: Daily quests, unique challenges, and events. High entertainment value: Deeper gameplay and addictive experiences NFTs Players will be able to own & trade game NFTs.

The game will be first launched for PCs and then later for mobile devices. For blockchain technology, we decided to go with Binance Smart Chain because of its popularity. Meantime, we are also considering cross-chain possibilities with Solana.

For server-side infrastructure, League of Empires will use a suite of Amazon Web Services including Game Tech, GameLift Primer, GameLift FleetIQ, and Game Analytics Pipeline. For growth, we shall focus on social-driven acquisition, community driven growth, affiliate programs, influencer marketing, streamer rewards, competitions, and paid promotion. Players’ retention is also crucial for the growth of the game. This why, we have also emphasized heavily on the gaming experiences so that players do not get bored so easily. This helps players evolve their gameplay. In League of Empires, no two battles are the same and no two players’ gameplay and strategy is the same. Therefore, the overall gaming experience is filled with excitement and adrenaline. One of the key strengths of strategy games is that players have a control on the outcome, and they do not play in the same repetitive battles and levels. Bringing new challenges as players play the game is an essential part of game’s growth which will also contribute to the sustainability and growth of the ecosystem.

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League of Empires

League of Empires is the first ever true MMORTS play-to-earn game on blockchain.