Importance of Buildings in League of Empires

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4 min readMay 2, 2022

The next generation of real-time strategy games on the blockchain has begun with League of Empires as the pioneer of MMORTS games on the platform. The game is Play and Earn with immersive gameplay, 3D graphics, PvP, and real-time tactics, and also includes in-app trading of NFTs as you advance in your campaigns to keep the gameplay loop fresh for new and advanced players alike. The goal is to become the emperor in League of Empires by forging alliances with friends and diving into immersive battles of fantasy Medieval Strategic warfare to capture more Lands and thus increase the size of the Empire!

This new dawn has brought new players who are rushing to get their hands on the latest updates as the game is about to begin its IDO phase. Each player will be able to own, collect, generate, and play with massive armies, land and siege equipment and everyone will be rewarded for the time and effort they will put into the game. This new flock of players who are going to become lords and counts of the empire must first begin their conquest from humble beginnings. This means they must become aware of the key features and mechanics that can be utilized to become a lord of the League of Empires and one such feature is the Buildings in the League of Empires.

Importance of Buildings in League of Empires

In League of Empires, buildings form the basis of the empire as they are the second most valuable asset in-game after land. Buildings are characterized as immovable units which represent the tech level of the player. It means that buildings provide the player with different soldiers and access to new buildings as well. This becomes a part of players’ strategy to invest their resources wisely into appropriate buildings. There are various types of buildings each with its own cost and benefits, and places can be aesthetically designed with their base with different buildings of their choice. These various types of buildings are as follows:-

Army camps and Barracks

These are the native ground troop training buildings that form the basis of vast armies. Players can either recruit new troops or upgrade their existing troops at these buildings.


These are the defensive troops of your empire that protect your lands and buildings from invading forces of other players or in-game enemies. They are your first and last line of defense.

War Academies

Although new troops level up and upgrade through existing buildings, the progression is very slow at the beginning of the game. War academies are NFTs that players can buy in the marketplace or mint themselves using $LOE tokens. This makes the game progress much faster and players can climb the rating ladder to reach better rewards faster.

Artillery Factory

The other premium minted NFTs in the game are Artillery Factory. These factories are used to mint artilleries such as ballista, catapult etc. Artilleries are also an NFT in the game which specifically shows the powers of buildings in League of Empires as they can help players mint their very own NFTs.


Armory is a treasure trove of weapons and armor for fielded armies of the players. Armory is the building where players can increase the levels of different units among their troops. Upgrading the armory increases the levels of the players’ units, which can give a bold edge in battle.

Alliance Camps

Alliances can benefit each other by covering each other’s weaknesses. This extends to battles as well because alliances can send reinforcements in a battle to help their allies defend their empire. Alliance Camps provide a mustering ground where players can request reinforcements from other members of their Alliance.

Medic Center

The Medic Center allows units that have taken damage in battle to be healed, returning to their army rather than being destroyed. Upgrading the Medic Center lowers the damage threshold at which units are automatically destroyed in battle, making it more likely that the players’ troops will survive.

Food storage

There are a plethora of resources that the player can use to his benefit and build his empire. Resources like food can be collected from farms, captured Farmlands, and bought in the shop. Food is an essential resource as it helps the player to train and upgrade troops, and heal the units, it also upgrades the Artilleries.

Gold Mine

Another very important resource that the player can use to build or upgrade his empire is Gold. Gold can be collected from Gold Mines, obtained through raids, captured gold mine lands, and can be bought in the shop.

Gold Mine is a valuable resource in the economy of the player’s empire. Gold Mine is a building that produces gold. Gold mine reserves increase the capacity for constructing and upgrading buildings.

About League of Empires

League of Empires is the first ever Real Time Strategy (RTS) game with a play-to-earn concept.
The game combines real time strategy along with NFTs where players will dominate with strategy in the metaverse of empires. Players will have a full control over their politics, diplomacy, empire formation and customization, troops building and war strategies.

Players will also be able to form alliances with players from different parts of the globe, participate in tournaments, and play in Leagues.

The game also includes 5 types of NFTs.

a. Land, b. Artilleries, c. War academies, d. Artillery factories, e. Leagues.
The game also includes one of a kind sale of army troops in the genesis sale to early backers!

Along with earning by achieving certain milestones in the game, players will also be able to earn by minting new NFTs which they can either use in their gameplay.

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League of Empires

League of Empires is the first ever true MMORTS play-to-earn game on blockchain.