Basics of LoE Gameplay

Gameplay in a nutshell

  • Buildings, such as town centers,
  • Units, such as female citizens and male soldiers, that you can move around the map and use to gather resources, build or fight, and
  • Some initial amounts of four resources: Food, Wood, Stone and Metal.

Gathering Resources

  • Food: Foraging from bushes and certain trees; Hunting certain wild animals or slaughtering livestock, such as chickens and sheep; Fishing; Farming.
  • Wood: Chopping down trees.
  • Stone: Mining from stone mines.
  • Metal: Mining from metal mines. (These occasionally sparkle, to make them easier to tell apart from stone mines.)

Shuttling to Drop sites

  • Town centers and docks serve as drop sites for all four resources.
  • Mills serve as drop sites for wood, stone and metal only.
  • Farmsteads serve as drop sites for food.

Training Units


Rally Points

Working with Units

Female Citizens

Citizen soldiers


Champions and Heroes

Exploring the Map

Shroud of Darkness

Fog of War

Gathering Intelligence

  • Treasures,
  • Resources,
  • Strategic areas on the map, such as river crossings,
  • The location of your enemies’ bases,
  • How fortified your enemies’ bases are,
  • What sort of military units they have been training,
  • and more.

Dynamic Territories

Important Exceptions

  • Outposts, Docks and Entrenched Army Camps can be built outside your borders, but none of these will gain you new territory;
  • The Town Center can be built either on your territory or on unclaimed territory, but must be built a certain distance away from your existing town centers. Building a town center can gain you lots of extra territory. Moreover, as you progress through different phases of the game (see “Technologies and Game Phases”), the territory controlled by your Town Centers will also expand by a small amount.

Technologies & Phases


  • Advancing to the Town Phase costs 500 Food, 500 Wood, and requires having built five buildings of any type, except breeding sheds and farm fields. (Five houses, for example, are sufficient, and so are three houses, a mill and a farmstead.)
  • Advancing to the City Phase costs 1000 Stone and 1000 Metal, and requires having built four buildings of any type that becomes available in the Town Phase (except Walls and Town Centers).


Types of Combat Units

  • Infantry: Warriors fighting on foot, with swords, bows and arrows, etc.,
  • Cavalry: Warriors on horseback,
  • Siege weapons, such as catapults, and other artillery
  • War ships, such as triremes.

Melee vs. Ranged Units

Types of Damage and Balancing

Trading & Bartering




League of Empires is the first ever true MMORTS play-to-earn game on blockchain.

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League of Empires

League of Empires is the first ever true MMORTS play-to-earn game on blockchain.